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Green Energy Solutions


Green Energy Alliance Sdn Bhd is an Energy Services Company specializing in the implementation of Green Technologies such as energy efficiency to sustainably reduce energy cost and carbon footprint thereof.

We have a wide range of proven innovative green technologies applicable to various energy consuming components of the premises that results in energy usage optimization and recurring monthly energy cost saving for more than 15 years.

Our energy efficiency solutions are widely implemented in the Asia Pacific region since 1996 are the proven track record of our successful projects. The Green technologies are designed specifically for individual applications such as Lighting,

Pumps, Motors, Fans, Air Conditioners, Compressors, Blowers, Air Handling Units, Fan Coil Units and other electrical powered systems. Typically, energy saving of 10% to 25% can be expected from the energy efficiency improvement project.

We also provide solutions for Air Conditioners by using Solar Air Conditioning for residential and commercial buildings.

Futhermore, our services include IP65 LED lighting, IP65 Junction Boxes and AHU Energy Efficient Fans

The projection of energy saving is generally derived from the technical energy audit at the premises and a minimum guaranteed energy saving is then assured in our project proposal.

Energy Efficiency

Solutions to Reduce Energy Cost and Carbon Footprint

Green Energy Alliance Sdn Bhd (GEA) is a joint venture energy services company of Bestium Technologies and Matrix Energy, specializing in the implementation of green technologies such as energy management services (including energy audits), the supply and implementation of energy efficiency products (LED lights, aerodynamic cooling fans, chiller optimisation, etc) and related efficient electrical products such as voltage stabiliser, etc.

Energy Audit & Consultancy

Energy Audit & Consultancy

To effectively implement energy saving solutions, we first conduct comprehensive Energy Audits by acquiring actual electrical load profiles on site. The findings of this energy aduit will then determine which energy saving solutions can potentially be implemented for cost effective savings.

Energy Efficient Fans

Energy Efficient Fans

To provide savings on electricity using custom designed high technology FRP fan blades. These replacement fan blades can significantly reduce electricity consumption for the same airflow in existing cooling tower fans.

Power Quality Improvement

Power Quality Improvement

By installing Power Optimisers, a proven and reliable technology to optimize the usage of electricity in lighting circuits, and state of the art Energy Meters, we can effectively monitor and report via our customisable Energy Monitoring System (EMS) software, the energy status and usage of the entire building.

Automatic Voltage Stabilizers

Automatic Voltage Stabilizers

Voltage surge and fluctuation usually exist in all electrical supply systems and will most certainly affect the performance of the equipment or permanently damage it. Automatic voltage stabilizers automatically correct the voltage at regular intervals, stabilising it. This consistent voltage helps in an efficient operation of electrical equipment, preventing any kind of damage caused to them due to these conditions.

Led Lighting

LED Lighting

We welcome the opportunity to work with lighting contractors, M&E consultants, interior designers, architects and energy efficiency contractors where we can offer additional services apart from just lights e.g. Light Audit, Lighting Simulation, Energy Use Calculation and Product selection.