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Renewable Energy

With more than 30 years’ experience, BESTIUM TECHNOLOGIES  is one of the leading solar PV system designers and integrators in the country.

Renewable Energy - Solar Photovoltaic Solutions

Solar Powered Systems - Complete Turnkey Solutions

Bestium Technologies is a pioneer in the solar photovoltaic (PV) industry in Malaysia. Bestium is SEDA approved and is a founding member of the Malaysian Photovoltaic Industry Association (MPIA). In addition to consultancy works, we also design, supply and implement full turnkey solar PV solutions either via outright purchases or through zero investment schemes.

Solar Overview

Bestium provides full turnkey solutions for Solar PV systems.

We design our systems based on customer load requirements as well as taking into consideration the local environmental conditions. We incorporate the most suitable components to provide the best and most cost-effective system to our customers.

Unlike conventional energy sources such as petroleum, gas or hydroelectric power stations where expensive infrastructures need to be built to provide power as well as to deliver this power to site, Solar PV power is a viable and practical alternative energy source that can be virtually deployed anywhere  as long as there is no restriction to sunlight.

Outright purchase of Solar PV Systems

As a SEDA Approved Service Provider for Photovoltaic Systems and a member of Member of Malaysian Photovoltaic Association (MPIA) we are well positioned to undertake and deliver projects of any size while meeting all the necessary governmental requirements.

All our solar PV systems are designed from scratch based on location, load energy and customer requirements. Being modular, Solar PV systems can be easily upsized or downsized based on the power requirements on site. The systems can easily be dismanted and reinstalled at a different location if so required especially in rural applications. Therefore, solar PV becomes the most cost-effective choice of power for remote and inaccessible locations where the need for energy outweighs the economic factors.

To date we have successfully designed and implemented

    1. Standalone solar PV systems
    2. Solar PV hybrid systems
    3. Grid connected solar PV systems
    4. Solar powered aircraft warning light systems (including passive aircraft warning spheres)
    5. Solar powered water-pumping systems
    6. Standalone solar powered street lighting systems
    7. Solar powered road signs
    8. Solar powered remote telemetry & scada systems

Zero investment Scheme for Solar PV systems

In collobration with Symbior Solar

Symbior Solar is a multinational company with its headquarters in Bangkok, Thailand.

Experienced solar PV systems developer with a track record and focus on project development in the region.

Has its own secured and immediate financing for project development so no downtime for financial approvals

Currently has more than 400MW of projects in the Asia region under development with a 50MW operating portfolio of commercial and industrial clients.

Parnership with world class solar PV components manufacturers

In collaboration with Bestium, Symbior offers zero investment solar PV project development with flexible project structures primarily with zero capital expenditure and zero maintenence fees for the client.

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Zero Investment Solar PV requirments as follows:

Solar PV System size : 200kW or higher (MW scale is prefered)

Preferable Class A companies either local or multinational

High electricity consumption per month, typically RM50K or more per month.

Prior site survey required to ensure viability of project.

Works with a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) mutually agreed with the client.