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Solar – A Renewable Source of Energy

Solar Overview

With almost 28 years’ experience, BTSB is one of the leading system designers and integrators in this field.

At BTSB we continue to provide full turnkey solutions for Solar PV systems.

We design our systems based on customer load requirements as well as taking into consideration the local environmental conditions. We incorporate the most suitable components to provide the best and most cost-effective system to our customers.

Unlike conventional energy sources such as petroleum, gas or hydroelectric power stations where expensive infrastructures need to be built to provide power as well as to deliver this power to site, Solar PV power is a viable and practical alternative energy source that can be virtually deployed anywhere if there is no restriction to sunlight.

Being modular, it also gives the option to upsize as and when more power is required on site. Therefore, solar PV becomes the most cost-effective choice of power for remote and inaccessible locations where the need outweighs the economic factors.

As a SEDA Approved Service Provider for Photovoltaic Systems and a member of Member of Malaysian Photovoltaic Association we are well positioned to undertake and deliver projects of any size while meeting all the necessary governmental requirements.

To date we have successfully designed and implemented

  1. Standalone solar systems
  2. Solar generator hybrid systems
  3. Grid connected solar systems
  4. Solar powered aircraft obstruction light systems
  5. Solar powered water-pumping systems
  6. Standalone solar powered street lighting systems
  7. Solar powered road signs
  8. Solar powered remote telemetry systems
Bestium Award and Recognition

Awards and Recognition

Our achievement is our clients’ satisfaction. We are driven to fulfill our clients’ energy needs no matter the challenge & requirement.

Bestium Services

Services provided by Bestium

We produce an end-to-end solution that meets every aspects and concern our clients may have to fulfill their demand for energy.

Bestium Qualification and Certification

Qualification/ Certificates

Highly trained & certified. Our competent task-force is capable of handling on-site installation and ensures every output is measured for optimal result.

Bestium Solar Panel In Sunlight

About Solar

Solar Power is pure clean free energy derived from the Sun.

Bestium Solar PV Cell

Solar energy can be harnessed anywhere via the use of Solar Photovoltaic cells which converts sunlight falling on it directly into electricity. Solar cells are made of semiconducting material. It is basically a p-n junction with 2 halves of silicon, one doped with Boron and the other with Phosphorous, sandwiched together.

Light energy from the sun falling on this cell is absorbed causing electrons to be released. The resulting potential difference between the two halves causes electrons to flow constituting a current flow. Solar energy can be stored in batteries during the day for use at night when the sun is not shining.

Advantages of using Solar Systems

  • NO fuel cost – sunlight is free and limitless supply
  • NO environmental damage – clean power
  • NO noise pollution – no moving parts
  • LOW COST of maintenance and operation
  • Independent of Grid connections for standalone applications
  • Independent of legal and approval issues
  • Can be installed in remote locations where accessibility is an issue
  • Can be upgraded to a larger system simply by adding components
  • Solar modules come with at least 25 years warranty on power output
  • Initial cost high but long-term cost low as no fuel and transportation costs involved
Bestium Solar System

Solar System Components

A typical solar system consists of solar modules, charge controller, battery bank (for DC loads) & with an inverter (for AC loads)

Bestium Solar System Design

Typical Solar System Designs

At Bestium, we provide solar system designs that are specific to the customer’s load requirement. Discover how our solar systems can meet your requirement.