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Telecommunication System Project Rollout

Business Focus, Operational Excellence and Customer Intimacy are Bestium’s key operational postures.

Bestium focuses its resources on attractive geographic, customer and product categories. It ensures operational excellence externally by being ‘on top’ of customers’ needs with its abilities to offer fast, flexible, effective and efficient response. Its internal operational excellence is characterised by entrepreneurial decentralised management with high levels of motivation and empowerment. It seeks to minimize overheads and have controls that incentivise business performance and support the entrepreneurial stance of the company.

Organisational Structure

Bestium Telecommunication System Project Rollout Organizational Structure

Decentralised small autonomous units and delegating of specific control and some financial responsibilities.

Project Selection

  • Ability to define mission clearly
  • Ability to effectively communicate mission to staff
  • Ability to motivate, manage and lead staff
  • Ability to seize business opportunities while managing risk and returns

Meeting Customer Expectations

In meeting timeliness in any installation we ensure we have the right skills, processes and supervision in place.

T4 – Cabling Installation Works
T4 – Cabling Installation Works


To ensure we meet the quality of the installation, we understand how and what the definition of quality is specified by the customer while ensuring it is a superset of our quality standards. We further ensure we have the correct training/experience and the knowledge to do it right.


To ensure the smoothness of the project delivery we have the ability to competently trouble shoot problems as it arises so that the project timelines are not derailed.


To ensure safe work practises all safety rules and regulations are implemented without any compromise


To ensure the project handover is completed as specified, all documentation related to any project undertaken meets all the documentation requirements of the customer and is delivered within the stipulated time set by the customer.